About Therapy

You may have already had some experience of psychotherapy or counselling and be clear about what things are important to you in making your choice of therapist and their type of therapy.  If so, you may wish to go straight to the next page called 'about me' which tells you in more detail what I believe I can offer.

If not, and you are looking further at what therapy is about and what things might be important to you then I hope this page will be of help in reaching that decision.

Broadly speaking, there are four types of counselling or therapies available which are humanistic therapies, psychoanalytical and psychodynamic therapies, behavioural therapies and art therapies.  Much of the current research and thinking within psychotherapy and further afield, suggests that it is the quality of the relationship that most helps the outcome of the work rather than the chosen type of therapy.  Having said this, if you wish to know more you can click on the link below to do so:


The type of therapy I offer is humanistic therapy and is called PERSON-CENTRED THERAPY.  P-CT was developed by Carl Rogers, an American psychotherapist, researcher and academic from around 1940 onwards.  It was quite radical at the time as it differed greatly from other therapies then available because it focussed on the depth of and trust in the relationship between the client and the therapist.   

The basic premise is that you, the individual, having the desire to resolve your issues, and knowing yourself better than anyone else can ever know you, will be able to make the necessary change to grow and develop as a person.  The therapist provides some definable qualities to the relationship that help you to sort out your problems.  Those qualities are authenticity in the relationship, non-judgemental attitude, warmth, presence and lastly empathic understanding.

Through building a relationship of trust and openness we can together work through the challenges that you are facing and find a way through. Whether you are looking to work individually or with a partner, parent, child or colleague, I would aim to create the same evironment of trust and openness.

For more information, an informal chat or to book an appointment, you can contact me on:

Mobile:  07786 115267
Tel:        01494 681577
Email:    ask@louisetunbridge.co.uk
For more information or to book an appointment, you can contact me on:
Mob:  07786 115267, Tel:  01494 681577, Email: ask@louisetunbridge.co.uk