Training for Therapists

I am able to offer a variety of services for therapists that you may find helpful.  All the topics below can be run as workshops or as individual sessions.  If the dates are not convenient, please contact me to look at working individually on these topics.

Self-care workshop

How do we ensure our own psychological and physiological wellbeing is taken care of? Such an important part of this work is ensuring we, as therapists, are in the best place to offer support to those in distress.  This workshop gives us a chance to reflect on how we take care of ourselves, what might be some of the habitual traps we fall into and what tools and techniques might help us to take more notice of and care of our wellbeing.

No workshops planned at the moment however if you are interested in this topic please contact me for a chat.

Anxiety in the counselling room

Whilst anxiety is an experience most of us can identify with in our lives, what does it do to the counsellor in session with a client?  This one-day workshop looks at what anxiety is, how it manifests itself in the counselling room, what neuroscience can tell us about anxiety and how it might impact your practice.

No workshops planned at the moment but if you are interested in this topic do contact me for a chat.


Working with loss for older people

Losing a spouse, child, parent or sibling can be devastating, isolating and life-changing for anyone.  What are the issues that might arise for older people in dealing with this?

No workshops planned at the moment but if you are interested please contact me for a chat.

Setting up in private practice

The challenges of this after qualifying can be daunting.  From marketing through to client confidentiality and boundaries.  This session is tailored to your needs as a therapist and focuses on the areas you feel you need help with.

Two hour sessions - one to one.  Please contact me to arrange.

Thank you.
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